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ISBE Service

An ESFRI project

ISBE - Infrastructure Systems Biology Europe

Open services for scientists
  • Systems biology is supported in Europe by ISBE (, ESFRI Research Infrastructure (RI), presently under construction.
  • ESFRI RIs are unique facilities, or services identified by European research communities and industries to conduct top-level research activities in a science field.
  • ISBE will provide an open-access to state-of-the-art facilities, data, models, tools and training in systems biology.
  • ISBE will also make possible to integrate both reductionist and systems biology approaches in many projects, improving the attractiveness of the results (i.e. papers, patents) for journals, funders, industries.
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ISBE Italian node

SYSBIO/ISBE Italy services

What a life scientist can access and use thanks to SYSBIO

SYSBIO/ISBE Italy services list:

  1. Metabolomics Facility, with complex mass spectrometers, and complementary instruments
  2. COSYS – a COmputational SYStems biology on-line platform created to drive life scientists to apply systems biology approaches to their data
  3. Make Me My Model – a consultancy service for a face-to-face development of a complete systems biology model based on your knowledge. In collaboration with ISBE partners.

Services are available in open access, for free (open calls) or by charge.

Open access

Metabolomics Facility

Free or charged

With other Metabolomics facility you can explore the metabolic profiles of your samples, identify the most interesting variation between conditions, and see the metabolic flux in action.

The Metabolomics Facility include:

  1. A complete metabolomics platform (GC-QTOF, LC-QTOF, and specific software)
  2. Seahorse XF24 Analyzer
  3. YSI 2950D Biochemistry Analyzer

Each instrument is available for specific and diverse analyses, from deep metabolomics analysis to simpler indication about the most important metabolic species (e.g. lactate, oxygen, glutamine, etc.).

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Open access



COSYS is an open computational platform designed for the Systems Biology community.

Designed to help life scientists to easily access basilar systems biology tools, it can be also used with effectiveness by skilled systems biologists.

Cooperation-driven and user-friendly, COSYS is a unified tool for biological modeling (mechanistic and constraint-based), simulation and analysis, providing users with the cutting edge of GPU-powered computation.

COSYS is free of charge, and can be used by everyone.

Consultanty service

M4 - Make Me My Model

Flux Balance Analysis

M4 – Make Me My Model is an initiative of ISBE light, the starting pilot of ISBE. At SYSBIO, you can contact us to develop a metabolic math model specific for your research. This constraint-based model approach, called Flux Balance Analysis, could be of great usefulness to understand your data and improve the impact of your publication (i.e. better journal, wider and multidisciplinary approach, etc.)

Different approaches can be provided, thanks to ISBE partners.

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