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SYSBIO/ISBE.IT is now ISBE Italy – a Joint Research Unit

SYSBIO/ISBE.IT is now "ISBE-IT", a Joint Research Unit between Federico II, CNR and Milano-Bicocca

The Universities of Naples Federico II (UNINA) and Milano-Bicocca (UNIMIB), and the National Research Council of Italy (CNR) have recently signed a new agreement regarding ISBE, the ESFRI Research Infrastructure (RI) for Systems Biology. SYSBIO/ISBE.IT has now become a Joint Research Unit (JRU) with UNINA as new leader entity.

The new agreement will simplify the management of the RI and is open to other legal entities as well. The new JRU, simply called ISBE-IT, will now ensure a more solid foundation for the development of the SysBioNet/SYSBIO/ISBE initiative.

Showing impact on society

Diffusion and Impact

Contemporary science must be responsible to citizens, to the national and international communities that finances it. SYSBIO disseminates the results obtained and shares the concepts developed through specialized and non-specialist events. Seminars often involve people who are far from systems biology, but important to understand topics such as, for instance, complexity and epistemology.