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SYSBIO/ISBE.IT hosted the last ITFoC project meeting

On 5-6 June 2018 SYSBIO hosted the last internal meeting of ITFoC – IT Future of Cancer, an EU-funded project (FLAG-ERA) to a radical new approach to a true personalisation of drug therapy in many areas of medicine and prevention, and its demonstration in breast cancer.

SYSBIO is a partner of ITFoC, thanks to its metabolomics lab, high-performance computational approaches and constraint-based models.

ITFoC is a Flag-ERA proof-of-concept model that provides an opportunity to integrate efforts on a pan European level, not only providing access to a wide range of relevant scientific and technical expertise and resources, but also to country-specific practices and perspectives that are relevant to the acceptance and implementation of the virtual patient modelling approach in oncology. The key innovative factors of ITFoC range from the beyond state-of-the-art computational modelling technologies developed by project partners to predict patient drug response, to the systemic approach to data standardisation and validation of model-generated predictions of responder/non-responders.

Through its tightly aligned federated activities, ITFoC will aim to propose two advanced (TRFL 5-6) demonstrators in digital medicine that will set the scene for future larger-scale initiatives.


ITFoC was and is a useful foundation to write the DigiTwins proposal for an EU flagship, that successfully passed the stage 1 evaluation.

Showing impact on society

Diffusion and Impact

Contemporary science must be responsible to citizens, to the national and international communities that finances it. SYSBIO disseminates the results obtained and shares the concepts developed through specialized and non-specialist events. Seminars often involve people who are far from systems biology, but important to understand topics such as, for instance, complexity and epistemology.