The Research Infrastructure (RI) is currently composed by 12 Research Units (RUs), distributed between Milan and Rome. The organization of SYSBIO.IT is flexible and competitive: the RUs with unsatisfactory performance are dismissed or friezed, and new RUs, with specific expertise and skills, are added.
Each RU is leaded by one or more Principal Investigator(s) (PI). All PIs refer to the Director, who coordinates the scientific work and maintains an broad vision of goals and targets of the RI.

Here it is a collection of information about the Director and the PIs, and a list of all personnel related to SYSBIO.IT.

Director: Lilia Alberghina

Research Units – Principal Investigators


Scientific committee:

Lilia Alberghina, SYSBIO Director
Maria Carla Gilardi, IBFM-CNR Director
Giovanni Rinaldi, IASI-CNR Director
Luca De Gioia, Director of Biotechnology and Bioscience Dept., UNIMIB
Giancarlo Mauri, Director of Informatics Dept., UNIMIB


Massimiliano Borsani, Project Manager
Maria Marchegiano, Secretary

Institutions involved

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