SYSBIO/ISBE.IT is the candidate Italian node for ISBE – Infrastructure Systems Biology Europe – the ESFRI Research Infrastructure for Systems Biology. Information about ISBE can be found on the official website:

ISBE.IT is involved in ISBE light, a pilot initiative of ISBE, and is providing to researchers access to specific tools and expertise offered as services:

  1. COSYS – COmputational SYStems Biology – a unified tool for biological modeling (mechanistic and constraint-based), simulation and analysis, providing users with the cutting edge of GPU-powered computation.
  2. open access to SYSBIO Metabolomics Facility, a State-of-art technology in metabolomics for systems biology. Constraint-based model will be used to validate the model. Access to the facility can be required using email listed in the “Contact us” section.
  3. Make Me My Model (M4): help you developing a math model starting from your data! Provided by ISBE@NL,, and, for yeast dynamic modeling, by ISBE.IT.